Privacy Policy
1. Safeway Ibérica, Lda., as a service provider, ensures the user's privacy, confidentiality, security, portability, and the right to remove the data entered into their account. However, Safeway Ibérica, Lda. cannot be held responsible for external acts attributable to individuals or organizations external to Safeway Ibérica, Lda.

2. At the time of entering into the service contract, Safeway Ibérica, Lda. requests from the user the strictly necessary personal data for the creation of the user's account. These data are used only for commercial purposes, including billing, sending information about your account, updating existing services, and sending marketing communications exclusively from Safeway Ibérica, Lda.

3. The user's personal data are never disclosed or provided to third parties without the express consent of the user, except if the user violates the terms and conditions of service usage. In this case, the user's personal data may be used for civil, administrative, or criminal liability purposes.

4. Safeway Ibérica, Lda. will provide the user's account data if it is notified or judicially summoned to do so.

5. At any time, the user may update, change their personal data, or request their complete removal by sending their intention in writing to Safeway Ibérica, Lda.'s contact information.

6. Safeway Ibérica, Lda. reserves the right to change the clauses related to the privacy policy of the service at any time. If significant changes are made, Safeway Ibérica, Lda. will notify the user with 24 hours' notice.

7. These conditions aim to ensure the user's safe and effective use of the service provided by Safeway Ibérica, Lda.

8. Any doubts and questions regarding this privacy policy can be sent to Safeway Ibérica, Lda.'s contact information.
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