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Tacas Remote - The first and only Remote Assistance software developed in Portugal

Tacas Remote is owned by Safeway Ibérica, Lda.

Safeway Ibérica Development & Programming Division has been successfully developing remote assistance software since 2012.

Due to the need for internal use, in 2012 we started the development of Tacas Remote, over these years, we use daily and technologically improve our remote assistance software.

Its simplicity and performance has led many of our customers to ask us permission to use it for personal and professional purposes. In August 2017 we decided to make Tacas Remote available to all Portuguese for free for personal use, also offering a paid version for professional use and a paid White Label version, which enables any store or software company to use our support software. remote with your logo and name.

For any additional information contact us at our email: info@tacasremote.pt

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If you encounter any difficulties while placing an order call (+351) 210 195 474 or email compras@tacasremote.pt.
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